For 25 years we have successfully assisted Fortune 500 companies and leading edge businesses dealing with intellectual property, national class action settlements, antitrust, toxic tort, product liability, securities law, insurance and breach of contract litigation, as well as large volumes of routine litigation.

The Litigation Risk Management Institute is in the business of helping counsel understand and manage litigation and business risk.

Risk management is a two-step process:

1) Litigation Risk Management and Settlement Valuation

First, you must understand and quantify the risk to determine how much you should pay to be rid of it. Our approach applies the discipline of decision-tree analysis to address the inherent uncertainties that complicate litigation.

We help our clients make the difficult choices between litigation risk and business opportunity by engaging them in a process that results in the quantification of the risks of litigation and its outcomes and their effects on the profitability of the business.

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2) Negotiation Strategies

Second, you need a strategy to negotiate the best possible settlement. Our Negotiation Strategies services enable companies to anticipate and shape the outcomes of complex negotiations. The methodology provides clients with a process and analytic tools to support the development of Negotiation Strategies.

An outgrowth of game theory and decision theory, this proven approach is based on 20 years of successful applications. By applying these tools, we can ensure that you get the best possible outcomes from your negotiation.
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You bring an analytical approach to what many times seems to be on its face a problem that has too many variables to analyze…you have a keen insight into both the legal and business issues and make us look deeply into the problem…It is the questions that you pose that bring out the discipline in the client and create value in your services.

– Vice President, Intellectual Property Fortune 200 Company