Litigation Risk Management and Settlement Valuation


Our approach is an outgrowth of decision tree and risk analysis. It is based on 25 years of successful applications in a broad range of industries and types of litigation. We provideĀ a set of powerful tools that provide a comprehensive, logical methodology for understanding and managing litigation risk and determining your settlement valuations.

Dr. Beron and his associates at the Litigation Risk Management Institute can teach anyone to quantify risks and uncertainty and determine more accurate settlement valuations. The hands-on approach makes Litigation Risk Management / Settlement Valuation accessible to business managers and lawyers alike.

We help our clients better understand and manage the tradeoffs among litigation risk, litigation cost and business opportunity, value settlement opportunities, and communicate these issues clearly to senior management. As an outside consultant, our role is to translate the words and opinions of counsel into a quantitative picture to bolster the litigation team.

Litigation Risk Management / Settlement Valuation is a disciplined, systematic, rational approach to managing litigation risk and valuing and managing settlement opportunities. It is a process that leads to both a better understanding of the critical issues and a comfort with the decisions you make. The process is the primary product.


To get a better feel for our capabilities and experience, we have written up a set of case studies which will give you a better understanding of and comfort with the use of our tools in a range of cases and applications..

We imagine you have a lot of questions as you begin your journey. You are not alone in this process. To get you started, we have addressed several questions we are often asked by potential clients.