Software Resources suggested by Litigation Risk Management Institute
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Treeage is, in my opinion, the best software for developing and evaluating decisions trees. It comes in two flavors, Core and Excel, with Excel integrating both inputs and outputs with Excel spreadsheets. The Core has all the basic functionality and graphics you’ll need, but if you want to do something different with outputs, have calculated inputs (damages for example) or several sets of inputs, you are better off with the Excel version.

Precision Tree
Precision Tree is an Excel based program that has all the required functionality to build decision trees and analyze them. It is straightforward and has the benefit of being inside Excel, which gives maximum flexibility in combining elements of a single case or including effects among several cases.

Smart Org
If you are dealing with a variety of types of cases with economic modeling, Decision Advisor is an excellent tool. If you wish to consider many cases as a portfolio, then Portfolio Navigator is useful. While both programs are focused on R&D and new product decisions, they are useful for litigation.