Training and Seminars

Dr. Beron and his associates at the Litigation Risk Management Institute can teach anyone to quantify risks and uncertainty, calculate probabilities and determine more accurate settlement valuations. Their hands-on approach makes LRM/SV accessible to business managers and lawyers alike.

Our Litigation Risk Management / Settlement Valuation seminars will provide you with proven tools to manage litigation more effectively:

  • Quantitatively evaluate settlement, strategic and tactical alternatives
  • Control costs
  • Ensure clear communications among management, inside and outside counsel, and experts
  • Plan litigation and settlement strategy

The one-day and two-day seminars combine instruction, case studies, participatory workshops, group discussions, practice problems and probability encoding demonstrations. Participants are involved in compelling, intellectually stimulating exercises.
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Private Seminars
Private seminars allow participants to focus on their particular industry, business or on particular types of cases. If you have severe scheduling constraints, wish to discuss proprietary information, tailor content or length to your company’s needs, or train more than eight people, you should consider an in-house seminar.In-house seminars can range from 1/2 day to several-day programs that can include working with your own ongoing litigation.
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Litigation TemplatesWe also provide training and consulting to develop tools to deal with ongoing, routine litigation. We analyze a series of cases in each area or type of litigation and develop a generic but company-sensitive tree that can be used by managers or even supervisors to evaluate ongoing, routine litigation in a cost-effective way. The templates we create can be applied to routine litigation with minimal training and expense. These same tools can be used to develop management summaries of all litigation currently active – by business area, by type of litigation or by stage of litigation, or any combination of these categories.
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Apprentice ModelOur apprenticeship program is another novel and creative training alternative. In the course of an apprenticeship, after appropriate training for the relevant company staff, we evaluate cases and business problems, as staffers observe, then assist us, and finally conduct their own analysis under our guidance and, when needed, with our help. As part of the program, these staffers may occasionally call on us later for advice or assistance.
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