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Today’s business environment presents ever-increasing risks for litigation. Consequently, more and more corporations and their attorneys are seeking alternatives to choosing somewhat haphazardly between costly, drawn out trials and expensive settlements. Now there’s a way to make manage these risks and make more logical and rational choices while increasing your confidence at every step in the litigation process.

Litigation Risk Management/Settlement Valuation is a set of powerful tools that provide a comprehensive, logical methodology for understanding and managing litigation risk and determining your settlement valuations in the face of highly uncertain outcomes. Our approach applies the discipline of decision-tree analysis to address the inherent uncertainties that complicate litigation risk management and settlement valuations.

At the Litigation Risk Management Institute, we offer tools and methodology to address critical litigation issues:

  • Confidently determine your maximum/minimum settlement value early in the litigation process.
  • Identify the key factors that influence the outcome
  • Account for possible uncertain impacts of the litigation outcomes on the ongoing business.
  • Quantify the risk and uncertainty inherent in each key factor.
  • Simplify the structure of complex cases.
  • Understand the cost/benefit relationship of various pre-trial activities.
  • Determine the dollar value of discovery.
  • Compute probabilities of success or failure for each alternative strategy.
  • Influence settlement using the information provided by these tools.
  • Determine when to cease negotiating and push for a trial.
  • Present complex legal and factual issues in a simple graphic format.
  • Ensure clear communication among clients, management, outside counsel and other experts.

Our founder, Dr. Bruce L. Beron, has helped Fortune 100 companies as well as high tech clients in finance, telecommunications, banking, law, media and energy evaluate new, proposed and on-going litigation. He has also played a significant role in litigation and settlement management teams in high profile cases. A pioneering researcher who previously managed the Decision and Risk Analysis and Litigation Analysis practices at SRI International in Menlo Park, Dr. Beron teaches executives and attorneys how to better evaluate risk in decision-making and serves as a consultant to a broad range of global businesses. He currently lectures at Stanford University.

A brief introduction to the underpinnings of our approach to litigation decision-making can be found at Introduction to Methodology & Concepts.

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