About LRMI
The Litigation Risk Management Institute teaches lawyers and business executives problem-solving tools distilled from a cutting-edge discipline. These powerful tools — techniques to analyze and simplify complicated fact patterns and legal concepts — were developed during eight years of successful applications and highly acclaimed workshops at SRI International. The LRMI offers a wide range of training seminars and consulting services on how to evaluate settlement, control costs and manage litigation more effectively.

About Bruce L. Beron, Ph.D.
BruceBeronDr. Bruce L. Beron was the Manager of the Litigation Analysis and Decision & Risk Analysis Practices at SRI International from 1983 until his departure in 1985 to organize The Beron Group, Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in Litigation Risk Management and Decision and Risk Analysis. In 1988 he founded the Litigation Risk Management Institute.

Dr. Beron’s area of expertise is management decision-making in litigation management, strategic planning, marketing strategies, and technology and R&D investments and planning. He has a strong theoretical grounding and practical experience in decision theory, engineering economics, and investment analysis. While at SRI International, he trained over one thousand attorneys and executives in Litigation Analysis and Decision and Risk Analysis at SRI’s highly acclaimed seminar program.

Dr. Beron has successfully conducted Litigation Risk Management / Settlement Valuation Analyses in a broad spectrum of cases involving national class action settlements, toxic waste, product liability, securities law, patent infringement, insurance and breach of contract. He has also directed studies concerning strategic planning for a large business unit of a major chemical company, strategic product planning for a Big Three automobile company, strategic investment decisions in synfuels research for a major energy company, new product introduction strategy for a large aerospace company, and a capital investment analysis of a major entertainment industry project.

Before joining SRI, Dr. Beron studied Engineering Economics at Stanford University, was a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University, and taught at California State University at Hayward. Dr. Beron received his B.A. with Honors from Princeton and an M.S. and Ph.D. from Stanford. He currently lectures at Stanford.