About the Seminar

About the Seminar

Intensive, One and Two Day Programs That Will Permanently Change The Way You Manage Litigation The seminar has been developed to lead you through Litigation Strategies & Risk Management in a logical, hands-on approach that combines instruction, case studies and participatory workshops.

Day 1

Introduction To Litigation Strategies & Risk Management
The basic principles of Litigation Strategies & Risk Management and how they will benefit you. How to develop a systematic way of dealing with complexity and accounting for uncertainty.

The Settlement Decision-Tutorial, Case Study and Workshop
The fundamentals of decision theory. How to structure a problem. How to determine a bottom-line settlement figure. How to build and evaluate decision trees.

Pre-trial and Trial Decisions-Tutorial, Case Study and Workshop
Formulating and refining pre-trial and trial strategy. How to determine what to spend on discovery.

Probability Assessment-Determining the Likelihood of Uncertain Events
How well do you currently make your own judgments on uncertainty? The subconscious biases that can distort one’s reasoning, and how to mitigate them. A probability encoding demonstration.

Case Study-Keystone Oil v. Lonestar Co.
An analysis of the Pennzoil v. Texaco case that provides interesting insights.

Conclusion-Litigation Strategies & Risk Management and the Litigation Process
Group discussion. A review of the concepts and techniques covered. The role of Litigation Strategies & Risk Management in your decision-making and in negotiations.

Day 2 (Optional)

Review of Concepts and Practice Additional review of the concepts and techniques covered in Day 1.

Introduction to Probability
An introduction to some simple, useful probability concepts. Practice problems.

Practice Probability Encoding
Encoding of probability distributions under the supervision of the instructor.

Individual and Group Workshops
An individual problem. A group workshop to solve a realistic case. Presentation of results.

You will take home a comprehensive package of presentation materials for future reference, including:

  • A 220-page handbook and complete course outline
  • A valuable series of supplemental articles on related subjects
  • A personalized probability encoding wheel

Complimentary Copy Of Our Litigation Strategies & Risk Management Primer
The Institute would like to send you a complimentary copy of our Litigation Strategies & Risk Management Primer without obligation. The Primer provides an overview of the basic concepts of Litigation Strategies & Risk Management and will prepare you to get the most out of this high-powered seminar. To request a copy, please check “Send articles” on the Registration form.

Private Seminars
If you have severe scheduling constraints, wish to discuss proprietary information, tailor content or length to your particular needs, or train more than eight people, you should consider an in-house seminar. Please contact us.

A Personal Message From Dr. Beron
“For academics, the discipline of decision and risk analysis can be a rigorous, lifelong commitment. For attorneys, it cannot be. My concern has always been to move from the theoretical to practical, real-life applications. In this seminar, a cutting-edge discipline has been distilled into effective, problem-solving tools for managing litigation and settlement.”

“This seminar will not simply be a day-long lecture. My objective is to involve participants in compelling, intellectually stimulating exercises.”

“I limit the size of my seminars to ensure personal attention and a high degree of personal involvement. Everyone who attends should plan to roll up their sleeves and be ready to participate.”

Continuing Access To The Instructor 
Dr. Beron wants you to receive optimum value from this seminar. He will continue to be available by telephone should you have any questions or need assistance as you begin to apply these tools to your particular situation.

“No lawyer trying cases should go without this course.”
R.S. Peterson
Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker

“During the break I immediately used the technique in a licensing settlement negotiation. It works!”
Michael Melton, Chief Patent Counsel
MCI Communications Corporation

“Your seminar was one of the most informative and well presented seminars I have ever attended. I entered a skeptic and exited a convert.”
Richard Bland, Deputy General Counsel
Storage Technology Corporation

“A necessary process for any major decision maker.”
Robert Falkner, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel
Motorola, Inc.

“This should be required for any outside lawyer interested in providing service to a client.”
Leon Kellner
Dickstein, Shapiro, Marin & Oshinsky

“I wish I had taken this course before I settled my last case.”
Lisa Sanderson, General Counsel
Buck Knives, Inc.