Private Seminars

Half-Day Seminar 
A Half-Day Seminar can serve as an excellent introduction to the concepts, methodologies and logical basis of Litigation Risk Management / Settlement Valuation. Starting with an entertaining and thought provoking demonstration, it includes a case study, a simple workshop, a demonstration of some pitfalls of asking ambiguous questions, and a summary and conclusion. This program works well as part of a one or multi-day, multi-presentation offsite meeting.

One-Day Seminar 
The One-Day Seminar is a complete introduction to Litigation Risk Management / Settlement Valuation. It is a full day, hands on engaging process, involving lectures, demonstrations, and workshops. The morning focuses on how to structure valuation and decision problems using the litigate-settle decision model to be considered in three cases: an introductory tutorial, a case study of a professional analysis, and an individual workshop. The afternoon begins with trial strategy decisions and a workshop example on the value of discovery. It moves on to the issue of how to ask questions that minimize bias in the answers. The day concludes with another case study, the Texaco v Penzoil case, a summary and conclusion.

One-Day Seminar Schedule

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Two-Day Seminar 
The two-day is an extended version of the one-day seminar. The second day focuses on review, reinforcement of the decision-making tools that were taught in the first day. Topics covered include a review of settlement and trial strategy valuations, probability, a probability workshop, an individual workshop, practice probability encoding, and a group workshop on an actual case.

Two-Day Seminar Schedule

Custom Training 
We can tailor a program to your particular requirements.

  • Type of litigation
  • Target skill set
  • Participants
  • Length of program

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