What is Litigation Strategies & Risk Management?

Litigation Strategies & Risk Management is a set of powerful tools that provide a comprehensive, logical methodology for making better litigation-related decisions in the face of risk and uncertain outcomes. Litigation Strategies & Risk Management applies the discipline of decision-tree analysis to address the inherent uncertainties that complicate litigation decisions. These tools, which can be readily mastered and consistently applied, will enable you to quantify risks and uncertainties, anticipate the range and likelihood of the possible outcomes, and determine optimal settlement, pre-trial, trial and appeal strategies. “Winning” any particular piece of litigation may be defined differently in legal and business terms. With these tools, your litigation strategy is a business strategy with a bottom-line, economic focus.

Most importantly, Litigation Strategies & Risk Management allows you to make maximum and efficient use of your most valuable resources – your intuition, judgment, knowledge and experience.

“By far the best professional seminar I’ve attended – and the most useful. What initially seems quite costly, really proves to be quite a bargain. You get more than you pay for.”
George Stepanenko, Vice President, Law & Govt. Affairs Condor Systems,Inc.

“Litigation managers should require this discipline of all litigators. It is an excellent tool.”
James W. Durham, Senior Vice President and General Counsel PECO Energy Company

“As good as advertised. It provides many tools for future use.”
Robert C. Roos, Senior Attorney AT&T

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