The Benefits of Litigation Strategies & Risk Management

The seminar will show you how to apply Litigation Strategies & Risk Management tools specifically to address critical issues, including:

  • How to confidently determine your maximum/minimum settlement value early in the litigation process.
  • How to simplify the structure of complex cases, identify the key factors that influence outcomes, and quantify the risk and uncertainty inherent in each.
  • How to determine the cost/benefit relationship of various pre-trial activities.
  • How to determine the dollar value of discovery.
  • How to compute the probabilities of success or failure for each alternative strategy.
  • How to effectively influence settlement using the information provided by these tools.
  • When to cease negotiating and push for a trial.
  • How to present complex legal and factual issues in a simple graphic format.
  • How to identify biases and explicit disagreements, evaluate their importance and often quickly resolve them.
  • How to ensure unambiguous communication among clients, management, outside counsel and other experts.

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